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Tonerclene - Toner cleaning cloths

Product code: TOC025

25 printer toner cleaning cloths

A re sealable bag of 25 toner wipes. This strong absorbent wipe is ideal for use on cleaning common toner spillages safely and easily and does not re-deposit any ink

Key points:
  • Strong and absorbent
  • Re sealable bag for storage.
Suitable For:
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers

Additional Information & Resources

Please download our data sheets and product information for further reading.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Product Information Sheets

1) How do Toner Cloths work?

They are impregnated with a sticky material that helps the dust cling to the cloth.

2) Why do I have to use different products for different jobs, aren't they all the same?

No, each and every AF product has been designed for a purpose. To do a specific job. For instance, the formulation in Screenclene (which cleans glass) is very different to Phoneclene (which is plastic and therefore requires a more substantial cleaning formula). There is an AF product designed to suit every piece of equipment in today's work environment.

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